Our Story

Nantucket red® by cape cod cellars®

live the cape cod life

We have lived, worked and indeed, played, on all parts of Cape Cod, Nantucket and the Vineyard. As a student at Boston College, Cape Cod Cellars founder Tim Cooney (self confessed “wash ashore”) shucked oysters at The Lobster Trap on Nantucket and painted homes while living on Pleasant street.

Tim’s sister Kathleen waited tables at Christian restaurant in Chatham. Today, Tim’s children enjoy the Cape with adventures at Cape Cod Sea Camp, playing tennis at CBTC or simply “being kids” at the home on Linden Tree lane.

Our Customers & Partners

Inspired by you

Many people from around the United States come to Cape Cod each year to spend the holiday of their dream. In tranquility, peace, harmony, and with the best food and wine. That’s why we thrive to provide you with the best Cape Cod experience through our selected wines no matter the season and where you live. 

The best of the best

Over fifteen years ago, due to high prices and poor off season inventory, Tim and his extended family, one of whom ran a garden center in Chatham, started buying wine for their own stock. Each year, we taste wines from all over the world that we feel reflect the spirit, taste and qualities of the Cape, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

The legend

In the 19th century, English & Irish seaman would consult French negociants when selecting which wines and cuisines to serve at high table. Cape Cod Cellars understands this tradition. What started as a private reserve for hotels, family and select restaurants in Chatham, Cape Cod, Cape Cod Cellars (“CCC”) has crossed the pond. From the finest wines in the world to our own CCC branded reserve, Cape Cod Cellars offers a unique experience for you, from one’s palate to one’s personal lifestyle offering.